Responsibilities Include

Lead, design, and conduct generative and evaluative research for products and experiences that blend physical and digital touchpoints.

User Interviews:
Conduct one-on-one interviews to understand user needs and experiences.
Usability Testing: Design and execute usability tests to identify areas for improvement.
Surveys and Questionnaires: Develop and analyze surveys to gather quantitative data.
Focus Groups: Facilitate group discussions to capture diverse perspectives and experiences
A/B Testing: Design and analyze A/B tests to evaluate design alternatives.
Ethnographic Research: Conduct ethnographic studies to understand cultures and contexts.
Insight Analysis: Analyze and synthesize research findings into actionable insights and recommendations.
Collaboration: Collaborate closely with UX designers, product managers, and developers to integrate research findings into the design and development process.
Stakeholder Communication: Present research findings and insights to stakeholders clearly and compellingly.
Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest UX research methodologies and industry trends.
Futures and Foresight: Utilize foresight methodologies like scenario planning, trend analysis, and horizon scanning to inform strategic decision-making for the future of homes and connected experiences. 

Please feel free to contact me for further details and information.
Due to confidentiality agreements, I'm unable to disclose specific details here.

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