Design Researcher and Strategist • Experience Designer • Futurist

Project overview:
INSTATEC is a prefabricated, modular wall panel system that utilizes advanced manufacturing technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the construction process. The system is made of wood waste composites, which helps to reduce waste and conserve resources, and features integrated installation channels that make it easy to assemble.
The project aims to revolutionize the way homes are built, by providing a fast, easy, and affordable way to construct sustainable homes. The prefabricated panels can be assembled quickly, reducing the overall construction time and reducing labor costs. Additionally, by utilizing wood waste composites, INSTATEC promotes sustainability by reducing waste and conserving resources.​​​​​​​

The integrated installation channels are the game changer innovations that make it possible to have a more sustainable, faster, and cheaper way of building. This unique feature simplifies the assembly process and minimizes the need for additional materials, further reducing costs and improving the overall sustainability of the construction process.
Overall, INSTATEC offers an innovative solution that addresses the need for more sustainable, efficient, and affordable construction methods. By using advanced manufacturing technology and utilizing wood waste composites, it aims to make the process of building homes faster, cheaper, and more sustainable.
My role:  Innovation Research Management
- Identifying and prioritizing business models for the circular economy.
- Working with external partners, such as other organizations and universities, to locate potential areas for collaboration and innovation.
- Sharing information about innovation projects with relevant company stakeholders and other decision-makers.
- Collaborated with research institutes on advanced wood composite compression molding, injection molding, vacuum forming and bagging; and material sourcing management. 

Utilizing a variety of research techniques, including interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, and usability testing, to collect data.
- Communicating research findings to designers, stakeholders, and other team members in a clear and compelling manner.
- Working in conjunction with designers and engineers to incorporate the findings of the research into the design process.
- Develop visual content and storytelling tools to support narrative development and guide pilot projects.
Client: Neumary Design LLC, Washington State University

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