Design Researcher and Strategist • Experience Designer • Futurist

Project Overview:
Dissertation thesis, titled "Engaging in Aging," explores how to make the process of growing older more enjoyable and functional for the elderly population. With the goal of assisting Baby Boomers in the United States to lead more confident, joyful, and healthy lives, she has developed a mobility aid collection aimed at promoting active aging.
The research focus is on the global phenomenon of an ageing population and how it challenges established ideas about aging. The research aims to examine the current challenges faced by older adults in terms of achieving a healthy balance of independence and dependency, in the context of rapidly advancing technology and changing attitudes towards aging.

​​​​​​​Shreya's research reveals that there is a gap between the current products available on the market, and the needs and preferences of older adults. She found that the products are outdated, not in line with the current trends, and perpetuate a false stereotype of the elderly population as helpless and ineffectual. Through her research, Shreya uses a combination of trend analysis, design research, and strategic foresight to identify key factors influencing lifestyle, economic, and environmental developments.

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