Design Researcher and Strategist • Experience Designer • Futurist

My role: 

Designed and facilitated a futures thinking workshop to investigate macro forces, such as environmental, economic, or demographic changes that will meaningfully shape our world. What's happening in our external world that might impact workplace design and affect organizations?

Phases during the workshop: Preparation, Critique, Fantasy, and Implementation Phase.

Workshop Overview:

The purpose of futures thinking workshop is to help the participants to think proactively and creatively about the future, to identify potential opportunities and threats, and to develop strategies for addressing them. The ultimate goal is to help attendees to be more prepared and resilient in the face of an uncertain and rapidly-changing future.
Some methods used in futures thinking workshop include scenario planning, backcasting, horizon scanning, and other techniques for exploring different possible futures. 
Foundational Questions

1. Where from - What is the history of the issue?
2. Where to - forecasts and fears - What are your forecasts as they relate to the issue, if current trends continue
3. Assumptions - What are the critical assumptions you have made about the issue vis-a-vis your forecasts?
4. Alternative futures - scenarios - Based on these assumptions, articulate different futures, scenarios.
5. Want - What is your preferred future?
6. How - creating the preferred through the backcast - How did you get to the preferred future?
7. Inner story - transforming the old story to the new metaphor - What is a supportive metaphor for your preferred future?

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