Electrolux Group
Relationship Between Appliances, Homes, and Sustainable Living
Ethics In Design
Take the tool and use it the “wrong” way. Break stuff, Fix it - but leave the cracks.
Climate Designers Eco-Village Tour
Community strength: Diving into diversity and interactions for resilience, climate change, and ecology
Meander Lab
Traverse the meandering paths of both external and internal landscapes
Foresight as Activism
The magazine delves into speculative narratives that provoke deep reflection on the consequences, transformative potential of innovation, and challenging conventional viewpoints.
Storytelling | Futures Thinking
Polestar Automotive Service Design
How can cities contribute to promoting sustainable mobility and reducing transportation-related carbon emissions?
Work In Progress | Service Design
Patient and Visitor Experience Mapping
Qualitative patient and visitor experience research to improve hospital healthcare ecosystems at UTMB.
UX Research | Wayfinding
Strategic Foresight
Futures thinking and strategic foresight to identify trends, change drivers, and desired future scenarios.
Design Research | Design Strategy
Workplace Experience Research
An in-depth study into the human experiences and feelings that are elicited by the working environment.
UX Research | Design Research | Spatial Design
Service Design Toolkit
Building, collecting, and shaping tools and resources.
Work in progress
Wander On Process-Book
Product development: study of ergonomics, human emotions, forms and materials.
Design Research | Market Research
The Future of Aging
Lines of Inquiry: Is Grey the new black? Are tech-savvy senior citizens postponing retirement? How will healthcare evolve?
UX research | Market Research
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