Design Researcher and Strategist • Experience Designer • Futurist

My role: 

Create a toolbox that considers how various data categories and data collection strategies might be used together. It aims to provide answers to problems such as the "why and how" of human behavior, opinion, and experience.

The goal of a visioning participatory hybrid workshop is as follows:
To process different stakeholder visions and articulate a common vision; to define expectations; to determine where the project is going and how to get there; to prepare for future feature prioritization; to develop a clear strategy/more focused roadmap; to accelerate the transition from planning to implementation.

Apache corp. , ConocoPhillips, Technip Energies, City of Houston, Tellurian
Action Items:

- Develop a qualitative research toolkit for the future of work, the workforce, and the workplace.
- Create insights and strategy maps combining qualitative and quantitative data analysis to understand the complex interrelationships between physical and psychosocial environmental characteristics.
- Endorsed user stories to identify behavioral patterns and create interactive prototypes for usability testing.
- Conduct workshops, visioning sessions, and presentations to Fortune 100 client business leaders, key stakeholders, and senior leadership that outline how their vision impacts their people, processes, and place.
- Collaborate with other research, data, and insights teams (e.g. analytics, psychology, marketing, business intelligence, revenue operations) to triangulate research findings and inform service and design solutions.

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