"If we care about people thousands of miles away, we should care about people thousands or even millions of years in the future...the case for longtermism, the view that positively influencing the long-term future—not just this generation or the next, but the potentially trillions of people still to come—is a key moral priority of our time. Through analyzing the risks of climate changeman-made pathogens, nuclear weapons, and advanced artificial intelligence; We have come to believe we’re living at a pivotal moment in human history, one where the fate of the world depends significantly on the choices we make in our lifetimes." 

—William MacAskill, What We Owe the Future
Project Brief
How Might We
to foster creativity, encourage collaboration, and world-building exercise.
Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping
What do parents and children think about current (and future) electric vehicles and conventional cars?
Investigation of their preferences, perceptions, and expectations.
“I believe a city that is designed for people of all ages and abilities, including children, will truly be an inclusive city that will meet the needs of all its citizens and make it more liveable.” 

Prof. Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
JTBD Canvas
Sustainable Mobility Goals
PESTLE Analysis 
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Mapping Actors and Value Proposition


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