Design Researcher and Strategist • Experience Designer • Futurist

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Recreation center, Bangalore
Sustainable Architecture | Space Planning
Re-evaluating life-cycle processes for products. Making furniture more sustainable and long lasting.
Industrial Design | Design for Manufacturing
Strategic Foresight
Futures thinking and strategic foresight to identify trends, change drivers, and desired future scenarios.
Design Research | Design Strategy
Patient and Visitor Experience Mapping
Qualitative patient and visitor experience research to improve hospital healthcare ecosystems at UTMB.
UX Research | Wayfinding
The Future of Aging
Lines of Inquiry: Is Grey the new black? Are tech-savvy senior citizens postponing retirement? How will healthcare evolve?
UX research | Market Research
Petal Power Place
Lines of Inquiry: How can we design energy-generating art installations? Potential to integrate renewable energy sources into urban infrastructure.
Industrial Design | Design Research
Saathi Lounge Chair
Lines of Inquiry: A collapsible lounge chair that one can move along with them, contributing to the modern conveniences of the urban nomad.
Industrial Design | Design for Manufacturing
Wander On Process-Book
Product development: study of ergonomics, human emotions, forms and materials.
Design Research | Market Research
Wander On Assist 02
Lines of Inquiry: Can an assist be more like a companion? How shall we make wandering more seamless with decreased mobility..
Industrial Design | UX Research
Steelcase NeoCon 2019, Chicago
Showroom experience | Interior Design | Spatial Planning
Exhibition Design | Retail Design